About J. C. Ayer & Co.

Jim Ayer, Puzzle Maker

Jim Ayer was in the middle of a comfortable and stable career as a machine designer when he decided to accomplish his lifelong goal of starting a business. In 1986, he left his job in the Midwest and returned to New England, where he combined his passion for wooden jigsaw puzzles with his engineering skills.

Within a year and a half, Jim had finished designing his one-of-a-kind water-jet cutting machine and set up shop in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Ayer Puzzles are famous for their beauty and quality among puzzle aficionados.

Above is the Waterjet Cutting Machine cutting the Koran Cover, a standard puzzle.


If you look very closely you can see the translucent jet immediately beneath the hex nozzle.

The waterjet has the obvious advantage that it cuts a puzzle without skilled labor. That’s not its only advantage. The resultant puzzles fit more tightly together (see Fresh Ayer News April 18th 2010). Also the waterjet can cut pieces with much more intricate detail. Take a look at the figure pieces below.

Our fine cut puzzle piecesMore of our fine cut puzzle pieces