True or False – a more sinister use of Photoshop?


Our Congress at work.

This picture came to me with some text headed by “Should we buy them larger screen computers – or – a ticket home, permanently?”. Of course I thought, “send them home”. A few very late nights later I wondered if the picture had been “Photoshopped” by adding the solitare and facebook images to the screens. I forwarded the email with my questions to Jack. He answered: “This can be done on PShop, but it’s a nice job if it isn’t real…. However I wouldn’t throw’em out of office until I knew what kind of blather they were enduring at the time.” I should add here that the speaker on the right is the House Minority Leader and Jack is a California liberal. I did find out one thing: This is not the U.S. Congress as “Our Congress”  implies but the Connecticut Congress and the Connecticut House Minority Leader. It turns out I think that Jack is right; the picture is not altered and they don’t care because they know the blather that does go on.

I was brought up to believe in pictures though altering them is not new just much easier with digital photography. I am happy that doctoring pictures for puzzles just adds to the fun.

Three Times Three

Here is a picture of three of our granddaughters for an 11×14 custom jigsaw puzzle. The original pictures were “Photoshopped” into a collage by my son-in-law Jack Lee who is a musician by trade. He transformed his garage into a recording studio and records many acts around Los Angeles. Of course the resultant CDs need artwork so Jack trained himself in Photoshop. This is just an example of what can be done with a little imagination. A knowledge of Photoshop or similar software is a help but not really necessary because we can do that part. Really, your imagination is the limit.3x3a

Another advantage of a collage like this or especially the one in a previous blog dated September 29th. is that the individule pictures can be of lesser quality as they are not enlarged as much.

Jungle Scene

Here is another Haitian painting that is reproduced as a very good puzzle. We could find nothing about the painter who signs himself (or herself) MILLEVOIX. All we know is that he studied under, or more likely, was inspired by Henri Rousseau, also known as Le Douanier. It is only natural for Haitian painters to turn to France for inspiration. I designed the puzzle with 39 figure pieces, mostly animals, and 6 more figures made up of more than one piece. One of those bigger figures is a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, London to Edinburgh model*. I reference them for those of you who might be interested in trivia from the past.

Jungle Scene web

*That link might be broken. If so go to the top, etc. 

Enough standard puzzles from Haiti though I must say good primitive art from Haiti makes great puzzles. Next week – combining images in Photoshop to make a fun puzzle.

Stilll Life with Newspaper

This puzzle is of a marvelous painting by the Haitian painter Jacques-Enguerrand Gourgue. I particularly like the subtile background most noticable at the top. The puzzle is not as difficult as some others because it is easy to segregate the pieces of the blue velvet table cloth and do them first. Gourgue’s picture Eve, below right shows the voodo culture that is just below the surface in Haiti. Note the red apple in Eve’s hand. The colors below are a little muddy. The colors of the puzzles are more vibrant. I will have to learn a little more about blogging with illustrations. I offer both puzzles. Still Life with Newspaper is popular but I have never sold Eve.Eve for web adj

still life with newspaper web

Next week another popular Haitian painting.