Custom Jigsaw Puzzle – Movement and Impressionism

Up late at a wedding

Here is a puzzle of a  picture that I took recently at a wedding in Marrakech. I don’t think much of it as a picture but as a puzzle, its impressionism and movement makes it  interesting and perhaps difficult.

Years ago I read of a famous and hard puzzle named Little Red Riding Hood’s Hood. It was solid red, without a picture of any kind; difficult but oh so dull. For me an interesting picture is important.

I am going to take Marrakech home and put it together. I think it will be fun but I am not sure that it is good enough to be one of my standard puzzles.

2 thoughts on “Custom Jigsaw Puzzle – Movement and Impressionism

  1. Which one, Lara? SUGARCANE was deceptivly difficult. My next blog will be of a puzzle that I don’t dare take apart. Jim

  2. I think you are asking which of your puzzles I’ve put together? It was “Forest at Fontainbleu.” Three excellent puzzlers spent days working on that. When two of them (houseguests of mine) left, the rest of the puzzle was up to me. It took another several days of steady hunting for the right pieces.

    I enjoyed your wonderful whimsies/figurals very much. They were well thought out and designed.

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