Jungle Scene

Here is another Haitian painting that is reproduced as a very good puzzle. We could find nothing about the painter who signs himself (or herself) MILLEVOIX. All we know is that he studied under, or more likely, was inspired by Henri Rousseau, also known as Le Douanier. It is only natural for Haitian painters to turn to France for inspiration. I designed the puzzle with 39 figure pieces, mostly animals, and 6 more figures made up of more than one piece. One of those bigger figures is a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, London to Edinburgh model*. I reference them for those of you who might be interested in trivia from the past.

Jungle Scene web

*That link might be broken. If so go to the top option:.rrch.ch, etc. 

Enough standard puzzles from Haiti though I must say good primitive art from Haiti makes great puzzles. Next week – combining images in Photoshop to make a fun puzzle.

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