Larger figure pieces

           Here are some larger figure pieces. The top two dinosaures I designed into Forest at Fontainebleau. So far I have used it only in that puzzle and in the relationship to each other as shown. I think the creatures fit the brooding quality of the painting. The larger is made of eight pieces; the smaller four. Upper right is an extinct sloth made of six pieces. Middle left is a stag from a merry-go-round. It has seven pieces. The cuts, which are hard to see, corrospond to the tack of the saddle and bridle. The runing boy has five pieces plus the hat. For scale, the hat is 3/4 inch long. The pin-up is three pieces. The center piece is her rather skimpy bathing suit. The narcistic mermaid with the long hair has seven pieces. Finally the heraldic lion rampant has six pieces. I first used it in a puzzle I sent, unbidden, to Queen Elizabeth.


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