Standard Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – Blue Vase

This is one of my more popular puzzles. The original by Lucette White is a collage, a combination of a painting with some flowers from a magazine pasted on. The cut pattern is the intricate triangular pattern shown in my blog on September 9th and the yellow background makes for a cheerful and fun puzzle to assemble.

I have blogged a lot recently about custom jigsaw puzzles. Custom puzzles are exciting because often the picture has to be altered in Photoshop and/or there is special design work to be done. Usually, standard puzzles are designed once and that’s it but standard puzzles do have a lot going for them. Most of them are reproductions of paintings that I find  interesting and fun to put together. Of course I have to get permission to reproduce the original paintings. When I started the business back in the late 80’s I thought nievely  that would be easy. I went to the Museum of Fine art in Boston and suggested that I make puzzles of reproductions of some of their masterpieces for them to sell in their museum shop. No Way. The museum charges for each time a repro is made and it was not interested in selling wooden jigsaw puzzles in its shop. So much for that. Gradually I built up a collection of standard jigsaw puzzles that are shown on my website and in earlier blogs. Another advantage of a standard puzzle is that it can be lent, exchanged or sold from one collector to another. Finally and most importantly, standard puzzles offer more bang for the buck. Size for size they are simply less expensive.

BV_BlogNext week I will show you a different bunch of flowers, Still Life with Newspaper. The newspaper is in French and the painter is Haitian.

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