Make Believe Ballroom by Larry Rivers

Make Believe Ballroom by Larry Rivers

Years ago this puzzle was in my catalog. I am putting it back on my website because I really like the picture and have redesigned small puzzles to have many more, smaller pieces. In spite of its size, Make Believe Ballroom has more than 200 pieces.

I am just old enough to have seen the great Disney films and Broadway musicals when they first opened though I was pulled away from the last episode of Fantasia, Walpurgisnacht, deemed too much for my tender young mind. That theatre and the songs from Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and others wonderfully fought the depression and the following war with laughter. Make Believe Ballroom is in the same spirit. Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire could have been dancing on that bed.

Digitizing the Rooster

Rooster Puzzle, 15 3/4 x 15 3/4, $400.00

Rooster Puzzle, 15 3/4

This puzzle has been my repertoire for a long time. The original, which is about 3 feet square, is in our family. The puzzle had not been popular but recently I made one for a customer. My older puzzle images are kept as film, either negative or positive (slides). Now, when I get a new order, the image is digitized so we work with a file. The file is usually enhanced subtly in Photoshop. In this case the colors were made more vibrant, closer to the original as I remember it. I also made a new, more intricate, puzzle design. Now, if I can say so myself, Rooster is quite smashing.