Two new puzzles

If you, dear reader, will bear with me, I will depart from the historical sequence of these blogs to write about two new puzzles that you can find on our website under Fine Arts.

  1. The House of the Seven Gables is in the New England Artists section. It is a reproduction of a charming watercolor by Racket Shreve. Racket makes it look so easy but in reality watercolor is a very ticklish medium. A smaller version of this puzzle and a puzzle of an old sign are available at the Seven Gables Gift Shop or 978-744-0991, extension 111.

  2. Bicentennial Balloons by Ralph Cahoon is a different take on our Revolutionary War and is not at all to be taken seriously.  It is in the exotic section. 
Bicentennial Balloons

Bicentennial Balloons

The House of the Seven Gables

The House of Seven Gables