Figure Pieces

I try to fill my puzzles with figure pieces. One of the advantages of cutting with a water jet is that I can cut much more intricate detail than is possible with a jigsaw. Generally, figure pieces make a puzzle easier to put together so there is a practical limit. One of my designs for an 11×14 puzzle has a total of 326 pieces. Of those pieces, 29 are single-piece figures and there are three figures made of two pieces each.figure_pieces1

The cat at right was from an Albert Dubout cartoon of her leading her kittens across a war-torn Paris street. That figure piece is in almost all of my puzzles and is the one I sign and date.  The date is the first time the puzzle is taken apart for packaging and shipping. Next to the cat is a demure young lady I call Jane Bond. Lower left is my only nude. At lower right is a figure few know though she used to flittingly appear about once a week on public television. I will show some more figure pieces in future editions of this blog.