Gracie Puzzle – best results with digital photo post-processing

Gracie, West Highland Terrier

Gracie, West Highland Terrier

About a month ago, we went to Pasco, Washington to pick up our new puppy, Gracie, a West Highland Terrier. Pat did the research and found the best breeder in the country, Chris Larson.  It didn’t matter that Pasco was in the middle of the state, vineyard country, three airplanes away from Marblehead.

Now Gracie has taken over our household. I think the older dogs look on her as we would an adolescent Lady MacBeth. Of course in our house, her royal puppyhood had to be commemorated with a puzzle.

I picked the best of many pictures, taken at a rare moment.  I “tweaked” the picture on my computer.  Her coat is so white that I had to reduce the highlights a bit and also set the overall color balance since the picture was lit both by bounce flash and the kitchen incandescent lights.

I write this because post processing an image on the computer is becoming an important step to ensure that it is the best it can be for the puzzle.  I will write more about this in future blogs.   You can see the final result above.