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Heirloom-Quality Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Custom Wooden Jigsaw PuzzlesJ.C. Ayer will turn your treasured photo into an heirloom-quality jigsaw puzzle your family will enjoy for generations. They will transform your images into masterpieces.





The Best Custom Puzzles at the Best Prices (Actual Current Price Lists)

  J C Ayer Competitor A Competitor B
7" x 11" (~240 pcs) $190 $295 $837
10" x 15" (~330 pcs) $320 $595 $1,383
15" x 22" (~650 pcs) $550 $1,225 $3,847

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Examples

Family Jigsaw Puzzles

What better way to show the whole gang than in a family jigsaw puzzle?

Family Custom Puzzle

Children, Mother's Day, Father's Day Puzzles

Puzzles made from children's photos make great gifts anytime, but are especially popular for Mother's Day and Father's Day.


Pet Jigsaw Puzzles

Capture the beauty and joy of your pet.

Pet Puzzle

Marriage Proposal, Wedding, and Anniversary Puzzles

Will you marry me?
A jigsaw puzzle makes a memorable way to pop the question and remember the big day.
In the puzzle below, the bridal pair asked that their and their parents’ first names be in the puzzle.
For another wedding picture idea see Fresh Ayer News, January 27th 2010.

Fred/Ginger New Take

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Puzzles

These puzzles are large, usually less than 20 pieces, so the puzzle can be put together by family and friends with each individual describing the subject as their piece is added.

Bat Mitzvah
RunnymedePatti is 50

Dropout Lettering

One neat way to make a puzzle special is the add specific lettering to it. I call that drop-out-lettering. The spaces can be smaller than pieces so more words can be put into the same space. Numbers work too. When letters, words or numbers are pieces in the puzzle, they can go anywhere because they don’t change the picture. On the other hand drop-out-letters interfere with the picture so should by designed into unimportant areas. For this puzzle of a friend’s boat, I alligned the lettering with the oval shape and for RUNNYMEDE I copied the typestyle from the name of the boat on its transom.

Special Figure Pieces

Multi-FIgure Pieces


Custom puzzles are even more significant when they include special figure pieces such as names, dates, or specific silhouettes. I make figure pieces for all my puzzles, custom or standard. Creating your own can be a clever, inspired personal touch.

These personalized figure pieces fit into the puzzle just like other pieces. Drop-out lettering is very effective in sections of the puzzle where the picture is unimportant. These drop-out letters are individual and require puzzle pieces between each letter or number to hold the puzzle together. The number of letters per piece varies. For example:

  • A date (June 15, 2007) would require three pieces.
  • A short name such as Joe would require one piece, Ignatz would need two pieces, and Mehitabel would probably take three pieces.
  • Special figure pieces may include several pieces or just one.

There is a charge of $25 per piece with a minimum charge of $50 per puzzle. Personalized figure pieces take time. Please make allowances before the event, especially at the holiday season.

Guidelines for Choosing a Puzzle Image

  • Send digital images via email unless they are over 5 MB, in which case, mail me a CD (see our article on digital photo enhancement)
  • If you don’t have a digital image, just send us what you do have. We will work with it. A good example of what we can do is the Marriage Proposal puzzle on our Gift Giving page. The small B&W print we had to work with was beautiful (Paris in the 30s?), but out of focus. So, we did not enlarge it to a full 11" x 14" size, but put the drop-out-lettering in the wide border and made one of my favorite puzzles of all time.
  • Select an image with subtle contrasts
  • Don't exclude photos with vast backgrounds. I can crop an image to minimize the background.



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