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Fall 2003
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Jim Creates Puzzle Renditions of Eaglebrook School

Retro Cluster Puzzles Make Comeback

Puzzles Bring Much-Needed Funding to Worthy Charities
Jim Creates Puzzle Renditions of Eaglebrook School

In the heart of Deerfield, Massachusetts lies a unique boarding school for young boys. The Eaglebrook School focuses on providing a warm, caring atmosphere where the boys can learn more than they ever thought possible.

The oldest tradition at The Eaglebrook is an intangible one: that of kindness and helpfulness. Jim has been enthusiastic about continuing their tradition of generosity by participating in philanthropic endeavors to benefit the school.

Three years ago, Jim embarked on a project to support the school’s scholarship program. He created a 16 x 20” puzzle depicting the campus grounds that the school auctioned off at the county fair auction during parent’s weekend. The puzzle features views of nearby Whipple Pond, where Jim recalls sailing model boats as a young boy.

The puzzle was very well received at the auction, and based on its success, the school ordered additional puzzles. Over the past three years, Jim has delivered ten 11 x 14” puzzles that the school sold in their gift shop as part of their fundraising efforts. Many parents have bought the campus scene puzzles for their children to commemorate their graduation from Eaglebrook. The popular gift item sold out quickly.

"We’re very pleased with the creative ways that Jim has found to support the school," said Tim von Jess, Director of Development and Alumni Relations for the Eaglebrook School. "They’re a novel gift and a terrific way to give back to this very special place."

Jim has high praise for the school: "It’s a very nurturing environment. They have a terrific academic curriculum, as well as competitive athletic programs. It’s truly an amazing place. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Eaglebrook to promote this unique environment."

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