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Spring 2004
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Houston's Oldest Montessori School Commissions Custom Puzzle For Fund Drive

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Frequently Asked Questions Creating Custom Photo Puzzles
Houston's Oldest Montessori School Builds Excitement Around Fund Drive with Custom Puzzle

The Post Oak School in Bellaire, Texas fosters a community spirit among parents and teachers. When Development Director Janice Elkins started planning for the school's next annual fund drive, she conceived a fun way to bring parents, students, and faculty together with a collaborative puzzle. She commissioned a custom puzzle to demonstrate how families are a key part to the success of the school.

As Houston's oldest Montessori school, the Post Oak School offers comprehensive Montessori education for children starting at 14 months of age through primary, elementary, and middle school. Montessori schools embody a unique vision of education and psychology that focuses on the whole child, rather than a traditional teacher-centric classroom.

At the Post Oak School, children explore, discover, and select work that captures their imagination. In this highly individualized environment, students develop a strong sense of independence and self-confidence. This methodology has been highly successful in facilitating the children's independence and sense of personal empowerment.

As a private institution, the Post Oak School relies on donations to fund priority special projects and, occasionally, help meet operating expenses. Yet Janice's creative flair, teamed with the support of enthusiastic parents, makes the school's annual fund solicitation anything but drudgery. Always looking for novel ways to engage parents in the process, while doing something that is fun for the children, she came up with the idea of turning a picture of the school into a custom puzzle.

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This image will appear on the puzzle when it is unveiled at the school's June fundraiser. In our fall issue we will show you the puzzle.